1. Garlic bread

2. Local Cretan pies

Cheese, bristle, mixed

3. Grilled Halloumi cheese

4. Imarton

Chicken fillet, tomato, fresh mushrooms, sour cream, various cheeses

5. Aubergines saganaki

6. Stuffed mushrooms in wood oven

Roquefort cheese, butter, parsley, mushrooms
garlic bread

1. Avocado salad

Arugula, lettuce, colorful salad, avocado, green apple, parmesan, sesame, dressing

2. Crazy salad

Arugula, lettuce, tomato, parmesan, feta, green olives, dressing

3. Salad of passion

lettuce, spinach, rocket, bacon ,tomatoes, walnuts, feta, pomegranate dressing

1. Barba Thomas

Tomato sauce, cheese, bacon, pepperoni, turkey, tomato

2. Traditional

Tomato sauce, cheese, fresh tomatoes, onion, pepper, olives, feta cheese, olive oil

3. Champion

Tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, peppers, sundried tomato, onion
pizza platanias chania

1. Baked shank with potatoes

2. Beef Stew

3. Quince Beef

4. Greek Plate for 2

Greek Plate for 2

1. Diavola Pasta

Shrimps, mushrooms, peppers, ham, sour cream, ketchup, tabasco

2. Barba Thomas Pasta

Tomato sauce, fresh mushrooms, prosciutto, pepper, sour cream

3. Salmon Pasta

Dill, vodka, orange juice, cream, salmon

1. Grilled stuffed burger

2. Grilled fillet chicken

3. Chateaubriand

1. Grilled Shrimps

2. Octapus in Vinegar Sauce

3. Fried Squids


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